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A bookplate is more than a drawing done for the decoration of a book. Actually, it is a crossword. A close study of symbols, hints or tiny details combined into a puzzle enables one to “guess” the book owner’s profession, character, hobbies or dreams. Sometimes – even his or her secrets…

For the purpose of creating a bookplate one needs, above all, a story about the individual for whom the bookplate is intended. /Or about the particular authority, school, hospital, etc. Bookplates may be intended not only for a human but also for an institution/.

A drawing of a bookplate is made. It is printed on a sticking paper /so that the bookplate could be stuck on to a book or a file, etc./.

Bookplate copies of various size are printed out /because books differ – bigger bookplates are stuck on to books of reference, encyclopaedias or like publications, smaller ones – to poetry books/.

/Printed on a sticking paper, bookplates are easy and convenient to use – all one needs is to remove the bottom layer of the paper, and to stick the bookplate on - just like a common sticker/.

A file /box/ with bands is made. It contains general information on the history of bookplate application, and an envelope with a usb on which one will find the bookplates arranged on A4 sheets. Having run bookplates, one may print out as many of them as one needs. A blank for the inscription of greetings or wishes is provided / if the bookplate is going to be given as a gift/.

Bookplate – an original framing /about 30 x30 cm in size/.

It takes up to 5-8 weeks to create a bookplate.

The area of bookplate application is very wide – it depends on one’s imagination:-)

Bookplates may be used for the decoration or marking of envelopes or paper used for personal letters. Or it may be used as one’s logo / for example, on one’s visit cards or invitation cards, etc./

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